‘Salute to our veterans! Loyalty!’ Gimcheon Sangmu Unveils Third Uniform for Veterans Month

Gimcheon Sangmu has unveiled a third jersey dedicated to the heroes of the Korean War in honor of June’s Korean War Veterans Month.

Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Club (CEO Bae Nak-ho) has unveiled a new uniform dedicated to the Korean War veterans. The photo shoot for the third jersey featured Korean War veterans Lee Sam (Chairman of the Gimcheon Branch of the Korean War Veterans Association), Kim Young-tak, Sung Gun-mo, Jeong Seung-hwan, and Choi Hyun-ki, as well as 9th recruit players Kim Jun-ho, 안전카지노사이트 Kim Chan, Lee Dong-kyung, Lee Dong-joon, and Kim Tae-hoon.

The uniform photo shoot was especially meaningful because it was held in Gimcheon City, where the veteran heroes live, and Gimcheon Sangmu, who is a member of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps.

The uniform was designed to resemble the uniforms of veteran heroes, with a pattern of taegeuk and medicine cabinet graphics. In terms of color, the field jerseys were designed in the colors of the veterans’ uniforms and the GK jerseys were made in contrasting black.

The design reflects the details of the veterans’ uniforms throughout the uniform. First, the neckline is patterned to resemble a veteran’s medal, and the phrase ‘ALWAYS REMEMBER’ is written on the inside of the neckline. The front of the shirt features a national service emblem that combines the club emblem and the Medal of Valor. Finally, in the center of the chest, the phrase ‘I will always remember your sacrifice and dedication for the country’ was added to express gratitude to the veterans.

“As a soldier and a citizen of Korea, I am grateful to the veterans who risked their lives to protect our country,” said Lee Dong-kyung of the 9th. Like the words on their uniforms, I will forever honor their dedication in my heart.” The Gimcheon Sangmu will wear the uniforms at their home games against Daejeon on June 25 and Daegu on June 29, the 74th anniversary of the Korean War.

The uniforms will be available in both field and GK jerseys and can only be purchased at the offline MD shop during the home games on June 25 and 29. The jerseys are priced at 85,000 won, excluding 20,000 won for marking and 13,000 won for the league patch. Sizes can be found on the club’s official social media accounts.

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