Kim Ha-sung hits 4 consecutive games against Washington…The team came from behind to win 7-6 after extra time

Kim Ha-sung started as shortstop and seventh batter in a home game held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 25th (Korea Standard Time).

Kim Ha-sung’s first at-bat came in the bottom of the second inning with one-out runners on the first and third bases. Kim Ha-sung attempted a 92.5-mile (about 149-kilometer) sinker on the first pitch thrown by Patrick Corbin (35), the left-handed starter of the opponent team.

The hit by Kim Ha-sung’s bat slowly flowed in a fantastic direction along the third base line, and when the opposing pitcher Corbyn caught the ball, third baseman Jake Cronenworth (27) had already stepped home, and Kim Ha-sung also advanced to first base. It was an RBI timely bunt hit in which Kim Ha-sung’s 37th RBI was made this season

Kim Ha-sung, who advanced to first base with a bunt hit, dug home and scored a point when his follow-up hitter Kyle Higashioka (34) doubled. 토토사이트 순위

The second batter’s box was made when he was attacked in the bottom of the fourth inning. Coming up to bat in the absence of a two-out runner, Kim swung the bat on a slider with a speed of 83.9 miles (135 kilometers) with a ball count of two balls and two strikes, but was struck out swinging.

The third batter’s box came in the bottom of the seventh inning when there was no two-out runner. Kim Ha-sung targeted a sinker with four pitches and 90.9 miles (146 kilometers) from two balls and one strike against Corbin, a pitcher who is similar to his opponent’s team, but was grounded out in front of the second baseman.

The fourth batter’s box came in the bottom of the 10th inning when the San Diego Padres were trailing 5-6. Kim Ha-sung got a valuable walk off opposing pitcher Hunter Harvey (30).

San Diego came from behind to beat Washington 7-6 in the bottom of the 10th inning with Jurickson Profar’s two-run timely hit in the final.

Kim Ha-sung recorded one hit, one RBI, one run and one ball from three times at bat on the day, continuing his hitting streak in the past four games. His batting average for this season has reached 0.221, and his OPS, which combines on-base plus slugging percentage, is recording 0.719.

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