What happened to the snowy spring camp

The WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team got off the bus and headed to the locker room to attend its first training at the 2023 Spring Camp held at the Tucson Kino Sports Complex in Arizona on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

It also created a rare scene in which the rain, which had been falling, turned into snow due to the sudden cold weather at dawn. The reporters’ vehicles also piled up in the snow. The morning average in Tucson, Arizona, rose after sunrise to 6 degrees, but it was quite cold due to the fierce wind.

All the players who got off the national team bus wore jumpers and looked surprised by the sudden cold. However, Ko Woo-suk, the “2022 KBO League save king,” headed to the locker room with short sleeves and shorts. 스포츠토토

When reporters asked, “I’m not cold,” Ko Woo-suk responded with a smile and headed to the locker room. Fortunately, in the afternoon, the fierce wind stopped and the temperature rose with warm sunlight.

Arizona, the national team’s spring camp, is famous for its hot weather, but in recent days, the highest temperature has not exceeded 20 degrees and the average temperature has been above 10 degrees.

Fortunately, there is a forecast that the average temperature will recover from next week. Lee Kang-chul, head coach of the national team, said, “I think it will be okay because the weather will be warmer next time.”

Ko Woo-suk, who showed his passion with short sleeves, also changed into a uniform, warmed up with stretching and catch balls, and started full-fledged training with defensive training and full-fledged running.

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