Bali Postpones Chicago Medina Temple Temporary Casino Opening

Company officials in Bali say the official opening of Bali’s Chicago Medina Temple temporary casino is experiencing many delays, with the casino set to open in September 2023, which means weeks later than originally proposed. This was revealed during the company’s Q2 earnings release. In a related development, Marcus Glover, Bali’s chief financial officer, said on a call Thursday: “Obviously we’re a little bit delayed than we were delivering to you at the last opening.”

Over the past year, Ballis has won a tricky contest to build a $1.74 billion permanent casino on the 30-acre site of the Chicago Tribune printing plant in River West. The company purchased the location from Nexstar Media for $200 million and planned to officially open a permanent casino by 2026.

Meanwhile, in May, Tribune Publishing reported, “We will pay $150 million to enable the construction of casino complexes to end the lease early and vacate it before July 5, 2024.” In addition, Medina Temple has been decided to be a temporary casino location for three years and has been reorganizing the site since January of this year. 파칭코

Also in May, the company aims to hire more than 700 employees to fill positions at those casinos by adding signatures seeking help. Bali secured preliminary verification from the Illinois Gaming Commission, known as an essential final license, and immediately began installing more than 50 game tables and 750 slot machines at the casino’s Medina Temple location. Regarding that, during that time, the aforementioned officials said, “We expect to secure about 1,000 game spots by the end of this month.”

However, they also hoped that everything would be resolved in Medina by August, and are facing a board-approved test of game operations. In a related development, Bali’s president Sukim told the Tribune on Aug. 4, “It’s done, and all the machines are installed. We are in test and regulatory mode. We’re just waiting to get through the final process so we can share it with the city of Chicago.” Nor did a spokesperson for Illinois regulators provide comment on Thursday.

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