The Crown Resort wants to open a casino in oviragaru soon

Many gambling fans have been eagerly following the Crown Resort’s investigation into money laundering over the past few months. Although these incidents can be attributed to the casinos currently operating, the permits for casinos that have not yet been opened have been revoked. Now, the game group is hoping that the resort in oviragaru can open soon. We would like to disclose all background information about this.

Hopeful in complying with compliance rules
Basically, there is no good reason to even consider opening a casino in Barangaroo. The casino’s license was revoked after the money laundering incident was revealed. Luckily for the game company, it was only a temporary withdrawal. This requires 100% compliance with permit conditions and compliance regulations, as we have made it clear from the outset that the group had a clear chance of reclaiming the permit. 바카라사이트

But what does compliance require? Casinos need to do a better job of researching customers. These checks are intended to determine where the money is coming from. If the amount deposited does not match the player’s personal situation, you may suspect that money is coming from a criminal organization. This must be investigated before money laundering can take place. This sounds obvious, but The Crown has violated it in the past.

During the investigation, it was revealed that management was aware of the incident and did nothing to do with so-called VIP customers. Crown was never supposed to work with junket operators and was conditioned on terminating its trading relationship with junket operators.

Can Crown Resort get a license again?
Conditions have been set for Crown Resorts to regain its Barangaroo license. The company is confident in its progress and expects to re-license for this reason. In this case, the resort in Barangaroo can also be opened. However, the game group hopes that the opening can take place in January.

In a consultation meeting with investors, we expressed our hope that the new Crown Casino will open soon, and of course, we are very interested in opening the casino. Several times have also been announced in recent months that Crown is sticking to its terms and increasing the likelihood of obtaining a license, but it is not yet clear how soon this will happen.

We will have to wait and see the results of further investigation. After all, Sydney’s casino was not the only place where allegations of money laundering were raised. Investigations were also under way at other Crown casinos, which made it clear from the outset that all casinos must comply with regulations to activate their licenses.

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