“First place in the league? Fingernails?

It’s too early to like!”EPL legend’s cool outlook: “Tottenham will feel Kane blank one day!” Arsenal, not Tottenham, is the team to beat Manchester City’s dominance

He is currently at the top of the EPL with six wins and two draws as of the eight rounds. The world is surprised. Tottenham sent star striker Harry Kane to Bayern Munich ahead of this season. Many experts predicted the fall of Tottenham, who felt Kane’s absence.

But Tottenham are flying. Kane’s gap was filled with ‘nails’. Manager Enje Postecoglou placed winger Son Heung-min as one-top and exploded with six goals, Son Heung-min. Son is currently ranked second in the EPL scoring rankings. 안전놀이터

Tottenham on a scary run early in the season. However, few people expect Tottenham’s big turnaround to continue until the end of the season. Alan Shearer, the best striker in EPL history, also thought so. Shearer is the best-known striker in history with 260 goals in the EPL.

Shearer said on Britain’s BBC, “It is Arsenal that can end Manchester City’s dominance in the EPL at the moment.” It is a remark that does not recognize Tottenham, which is currently in first place. BBC also explained that Shearer did not recognize Tottenham as the favorite.

Shearer then said, “Arsnal faced a big opportunity when he recruited Declan Rice. This victory over Manchester City proved that Arsenal were in the best position to challenge for the championship. Arsenal can beat Man City and win. “We can do that this season, and Arsenal have the ability to do that.”

“I haven’t seen Man City have such a quiet season in recent years. Arsenal are doing very well,” he added.

As for Tottenham, which is currently ranked first, it is predicted that there will be a day when Kane feels a gap.

Shearer said: “Tottenham has made an exceptional start. But I have no choice but to question it. It is not clear how long Tottenham will last in the top spot. Tottenham’s refusal to play in the European competition is raising the possibility of being in the big four. Tottenham, though, have no Kane. “I think there will be a day when Kane has scored so far, and Tottenham will miss that score and feel the gap in scoring ability,” he explained.

Regarding Liverpool, Shearer also said, “I’m not sure whether Liverpool will continue its title challenge. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool are still strong on the offensive side, but they have doubts defensively.

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