Australian Welfare Beneficiaries Laundered $25M Through Casino

A year-and-a-half investigation by Centrelink authorities found that more than 160 welfare irregularities were involved in money laundering fraud. Officials say it is likely to be linked to organized criminal gangs as well as illegal gangs.
In this type of money laundering scam, dirty money (acquired by fraudulent means) is used to clean up money by purchasing casino gambling chips. Centrelink launched an investigation after an unusually large number of chip purchases began to be spotted at casinos across Australia. Officials can track dirty money or chips when cashing in after identifying suspicious activity.

Transactions of $10,000 or more, whether through checkout or game tables, require identification so that large transactions can be recorded and therefore tracked. Centerlink found 30 cheaters who exchanged more than $1 million each, with an average chip purchase of $155,000.

It’s front and shoulders above the rest of the cases, including elderly pensioners who cashed in $1.5 million and single mothers who chip in $1.3 million. It turns out that some unemployment benefit recipients have purchased luxury penthouse apartments and enjoyed the compound that often comes from casinos, such as free accommodation and travel.

All cases have been handed over to the Director of Public Prosecutions of the Commonwealth, where criminal charges are ongoing. 온라인경마

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