Cha Du-ri’s debut game…KFA “Clinsmanho’s interim head coach is Cha Du-ri.”

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Klinsmann, will play friendly A matches against Tunisia and Vietnam at Seoul World Cup Stadium and Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 13th and 17th, respectively. It is the first domestic A match in four months since the A match against Peru (0-1 loss) and the match against El Salvador (1-1 draw) in June. In September, the team played Wales (0-0 draw) and Saudi Arabia (1-0 win) in England.

There has been a change in the composition of the coaching staff. Head coach Andreas Herzog will not be able to accompany the national team. An official from the Korea Football Association, who met at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) on the 9th, said, “Coach Hairchoke’s mother is in critical condition. That’s why I didn’t attend this call-up,” he said.

He then explained, “Coach Cha Du-ri will carry out his duties as a hair choke coach.” Previously, if Coach Hairchoke took charge of offensive tactics and Coach Cha Du-ri took charge of defensive tactics and planned operations with Coach Klinsmann, this time coach Cha Du-ri will participate in all areas. It is an opportunity to see coach Cha Du-ri’s tactical capabilities under Klinsmann’s system. 안전놀이터

Coach Cha Du-ri is a leader with a long career as a national team leader. From 2016 to the following year, he served as the national team’s power analyst. It is time for Uli Stielike to lead the national team. Since then, he has also coached under coach Shin Tae-yong and went to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

It was also joined since the launch of the Klinsmann. Klisman, who took charge of the Korean national team in March this year, appointed Cha Du-ri as his technical advisor and appointed him to the coaching staff of the national team. Recently, he changed his duties as a coach, not an advisor.

Coach Cha Du-ri checked the squad one by one during the national team call-up training held at Paju NFC on the 9th. When he checked captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham)’s physical condition, he stuck next to Lee Soon-min (Gwangju FC), who has little experience in the national team, and exchanged stories about the national team.

There is also another change. A new coach joined in. An official from the Football Association said, “Nicolas Alves, who was on the Augsburg medical team in the German Bundesliga, joined the national soccer team at the invitation of Klinsmann. Coach Alves’ official duty is to be a “physic therapist.”

Despite the wide range of changes in the coaching staff, the composition of the team is the same as before. Coach Klinsmann said, “Congratulations on the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games,” but added, “In this competition, I focused on the players on the A national team list rather than specific players.” I focused on the A national team rather than finding new players, he said.

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