Doosan and NC head coaches comment before the game

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop met with reporters ahead of the game and said, “I feel heavy because I lost two consecutive games in the away game. It seems that we lost consecutive games due to the lack of skills of our team and our coaching staff. There are still six games left. I will try to win again from today,” he said. Doosan recently lost both Suwon KT and Busan Lotte, and was in a two-game losing streak. He also allowed the sixth-ranked KIA Tigers to chase by two games as he suffered an unexpected two-game losing streak in the away game.

Coach Lee said, “I’m looking forward to Jang Won-joon’s good performance against NC. Jang Won-jun is not necessarily sent out in time for the NC match. It happened to be that way. However, if you show bad performance in the beginning, you can take the replacement quickly. Lee Young-ha will be on standby as the second pitcher, he said. Jang Won-jun performed well against NC this year with one win, two losses and a 2.81 ERA. Coach Lee said, “In the end, the batting line must explode. “I hope key hitters, including Kim Jae-hwan, will do their part,” he said.

NC coach Kang In-kwon also had no back. Coach Kang said in an interview with reporters before the game, “No matter what the ranking is, I think we can easily manage the game after that once we are confirmed to advance to the 5th round. All games are important in the future, especially today’s game and tomorrow’s match against LG on the 13th. I will make all-out efforts,” he said, expressing his firm determination. Coach Kang also spoke about Pedi, who played as the best ace in the KBO league this season. Peddy became a winning pitcher against the Hanwha Eagles on the 10th, marking 204 strikeouts at the same time as 20 wins, setting a single season record of 20 wins-200 strikeouts in 37 years since Sun Dong-yeol. 슬롯머신

Regarding the possibility of Peddy taking the mound in the future, coach Kang said, “I told you to set the strand and prepare for it first.” If he plays, he will play against KIA on the 16th. However, there is a side that complains of fatigue because he has thrown a lot this season. I’m still talking to the pitching coach. If you are going to play a ranking match, you should focus on it without thinking about the background. “In the postseason, the tenor may go out first,” he said. In the end, the best scenario for NC is to confirm its advance to the 5th round as soon as possible. The team will confirm its entry into the fall baseball league after the match against Samsung on the 15th. Coach Kang said, “But I really don’t think I know until the end of the season.”

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