Circa Million V Professional Football Tournament Pays Prize To Second Quarter Winner

Sports Bet Venture Circa Sports awarded $150,000 to the winner of the second quarter of the Circa Million V Professional Football Tournament. Contestant Maybach finished first with a record of 21 wins and 4 losses. Contestants NOMADS and WALES BET tied for second with a 20-4-1 score for $50,000 each. In addition, five teams – Studley (At The Pass in Henderson), JYD (JYD), GAMBINO, ZWEI Brewer, and BIG DUMB ONE) – finished 20-5 to win $5,000.

The $25,000 booby prize for the second quarter was split between JWALKER21 and BATCH9, which finished 4-21 each and both took home $12,500.

Two contestants, BIG DUMB ONE and WALES BET, tied for first place in the entire season standings of Circa Million V. Both contestants won the award in the second quarter and currently have an overall season record of 33-11-1. It is followed by five entries with a 32-11-2 record.

The worst season record of 11-34 is held by contestant COSTANTEENIE. Circa Million V Full Season Boobie Prize is set at $100,000. 슬롯머신

In addition to Circa Million V, Circa Sports is hosting the popular Circa Survivor professional football tournament, offering a substantial $8 million payment for the last remaining entry. As Week 10 begins, a total of 1,153 entries out of the initial 9,267 entries of the tournament are still valid. The biggest loss this quarter was during Week 7, as Circa Sports dropped 552 entries. Over the past week, 48 entries have been eliminated from the tournament.

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