A man of great strength who holds up sleep inducer… Go Seok-hyun and Choo Sung-hoon, ‘Sadang-eui’, to Vietnam

The TV show on April 15 showed a powerful effect that does not completely fall asleep even when a sleep inducing agent is administered twice the average amount for adults for endoscopy. A scene in which five nurses soothes Ko Seok-hyun, who is struggling after waking up during the test, became a hot topic of conversation.

Ko is now displaying his power on the cage. He will participate in AFC (Angels Fighting) 29, which will be held at a special cage at The Grand Hotram resort in Vietnam on March 9. He is targeting his third consecutive win against Alwyn Kinkai of Indonesia.

Through “The owner’s ears are donkey ears,” Ko has been gaining recognition from many generations. “A lot of senior citizens recognize me when I walk on the street. I think it’s because I used to go around with director Choo Sung-hoon,” he said with a smile at a press conference on April 8.

This is an opportunity to become more famous. This is because the competition will be recorded and edited and broadcasted through “The Boss’ Ear is Donkey Ear.” As his teacher Choo Sung-hoon will also fly to Vietnam and the preparation process for the competition will be broadcasted on TV, Ko Seok-hyun should not miss the victory.

Ko Seok-hyun is fully preparing for his seasoned opponent Alwyn Kinkai, who has seven wins and seven losses. After recording three consecutive wins, he is preparing to knock on the door of the UFC.

Song Young-jae (27, Havas MMA), who is also appearing in “The Boss, the Donkey is Ears,” will also participate in the AFC 29. He will play a provisional featherweight title match against Sunichi Shimizu (38, Japan), who has 36 wins, 12 draws and 27 losses from 75 matches. AFC will deploy a large number of its national team players to the AFC 29.

△The main event is a welterweight title match between Kim Sang-wook (30, Havas MMA) and Irvin Chan (Philippines), a former steel unit member, △ The Comein Event is a lightweight title match between Park Jae-hyun (21, Korean Zombie MMA), a student of Jung Chan-sung, and Abdal Biida (27, Australia), who is 191 centimeters tall. 스포츠토토

Hong Joon-young (32, Korean Zombie MMA), who played the role of Yakuza “Maha” in the △ film “Crime City 3,” will play a lightweight tentative title match with Alfiani (Indonesia).

△Chainho (36, Chuncheon Timmad) will play Ali Akbarpour (Iran) in a middleweight match △ Jang Sung-hyo (35, Team Yujiim) in a heavyweight match against Abdulaziz (Uzbekistan).

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