The case of ‘assault + sexual harassment’ that flipped ‘bump’ on the day… ‘197 wins between the U.S. and Japan’ legend ‘Hobbery cannot be forgiven.’ He bowed his head

Tomohiro Anraku, who sexually assaulted and assaulted his teammate, was released from the Rakuten Golden Eagles. Then, Masahiro Tanaka bowed his head.

A very shocking incident recently took place in the Japanese professional baseball Rakuten. According to Japanese local media on the 26th (Korean time), multiple players from Rakuten claimed to have been bullied by Anraku, and the atrocities such as assault and sexual assault committed by Anraku were revealed to the surface.

Anraku was Rakuten’s first-round pick in the 2014 Rookie of the Year draft. Contrary to high expectations, he did not show any impressive performance at the beginning of his debut, but it began to bloom in the 2020 season. Anraku left a 3.48 ERA with one win and five holds in 27 games in 2020, and the following year, he played in 58 games and spent the “career high” season with 3 wins, 3 losses, 22 holds, 2 saves, and 2.08 ERA.

His performance was not limited to sparkle. He was also a must-winner last year, recording 6 wins, 2 losses, 13 holds, 1 save, 4.38 ERA in 52 games, and 3 wins, 2 losses and 10 holds, 3.04 ERA this year. The biggest problem for him was his personality, not his ability. Rakuten was negotiating his salary for the 2024 season after completing his schedule for the 2023 season, where an incident occurred. 스포츠토토

Several players claimed that they were beaten by Anraku during the salary negotiations. According to reports, one player was hit in the head by Anraku, and the other committed sexual harassment by making him take off his underwear in the locker room. The abuse did not stop there. When the junior refused to invite him to eat, Anraku used abusive language and kept in touch with him and became obsessed.

The affected players had not informed the club because they were afraid of retaliation and further damage, but this time it was different. Immediately after this fact was known, Rakuten postponed indefinitely the 2024 season salary negotiations with Anraku. Rakuten then conducted its own investigation of 137 players and club officials. As a result, it was revealed that 10 players were directly harassed, and 40 people witnessed or heard Anraku’s atrocities.

Japan’s professional baseball team had to submit a list of pending players on the 30th of last month, but Rakuten eventually did not put Anraku’s name on the list. President Masayuki Morii lowered his head, saying, “I have decided not to put Anraku on the list of pending players. I am truly sorry,” and Anraku was released from Rakuten and became a free agent as of the 1st. Considering the seriousness of the incident, the possibility of Anraku taking the field again is very slim.

As Anraku took off Rakuten’s uniform due to the harsh act, Tanaka, the Rakuten’s “signal pitcher” who is recording “197 wins in the U.S.-Japan career,” bowed his head. As he has the best career in the team and is one of the highest-levels, Tanaka said on his SNS on the 1st, “I am sorry to make fans worry about this,” adding, “The harassment cannot be forgiven. Not only the club but also I should have cared more about my juniors as the oldest member of the team.”

Tanaka then said, “I had to consult with my juniors and take the initiative if there was a problem, but I am reflecting on my complacency,” adding, “I know that each player and club are talking and listening to this issue properly. However, as a player belonging to the team, I will do my best to help the fans cheer with more confidence so that they can fight in the pennant race.”

Rakuten failed to make the postseason this year, finishing fourth in the Pacific League with 70 wins, two draws and 71 losses. It has only been two times in the fall for the past five years. In particular, it is not easy to strengthen its power due to the poor financial condition of the parent company. In addition, the number of spectators in all clubs has been increasing since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Rakuten ranked at the bottom of the 12 teams this year.

In the midst of this, as Anraku commits the worst cases of assault, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment, concerns about Rakuten are growing in Japan, with the possibility of Rakuten selling the club.

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