Actor Esom, right, plays the role of a hotel receptionist in the new Tving original series “LTNS.' Courtesy of Tving

In her latest series “LTNS,” an abbreviation for Long Time No Sex, actor Esom delves into the complexities of marriage, prompting a personal reflection on the subject. The Tving original series, which hit the platform in January, follows a married couple, taxi driver Samuel (Ahn Jae-hong) and hotel receptionist Woo-jin (Esom). Years into their marriage, the spark is lost, and they are now in a sexless relationship. One day, they come across a friend having an affair and stumble upon a new business idea: blackmailing cheating spouses. The cash-strapped couple looks for people having affairs and catches them in action to squeeze them for money. The slotplayground six-part series is written and led by directors Im Dae-hyung, and Jeon Go-woon, offering a unique take on love, marriage and survival.“ Before I took part in this series, I had a lot of curiosity and interest about marriage, though it appears difficult and perplexing. Although this couple, Samuel and Woo-jin, once had a sweet, good thing going, their relationship has become dull and distant, which has brought them to where they are now,” Esom said during an interview with The Korea Times, held at a cafe in Jongno District, Seoul, Thursday. “And as I indirectly experienced that (with the character), I came to think I should consider marriage more carefully. It’s different from dating, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.”

This is the second time for the actor and director to work together, after the 2017 romance film “Microhabitat.” The actor, who took her first stab at the black comedy genre with this series, expressed her deep trust in the directors led her to join the project .“I had never tried black comedy before. When I read the script, it was enjoyable from the first page. The choice of words and the dialogue were so sharp and unique, and the lines were so realistic, which was intriguing,” she said. “So I told them I wanted to join without hesitation. Because I trust the two directors so much, I had faith in the script that they personally wrote.”Esom found Woo-jin’s strong and straightforward personality riveting, allowing her to be more expressive as she played the character.“Woo-jin is very responsible and down to earth, which resembles me. But she has a side more sensitive than she seems, and has a lot of tears, which made me think she’s not much different from me. So it wasn’t hard to understand. Of course, I can’t curse or use sexually explicit words so naturally like Woo-jin and I don’t express my anger like that,” she said.

“One thing I had in mind before filming was that since the lines are provocative and intense, I felt I shouldn’t be coy even a bit, because that would be how Woo-jin is. So I tried to be more expressive and gave a lot of opinions to create scenes more interestingly.”The actor reunited with Ahn for the third time for the series, following “Microhabitat” and “High Surf Expected,” an independent film directed by Ahn. Esom highlighted the comfort and realism their prior collaborations brought to their portrayal of a married couple facing life’s challenges.“It’s a good thing that this is our third project together because, in addition to the lovey-dovey portrayal, we needed to play a couple in their fifth year into marriage who grew distant as they got caught up in the struggles of life,” she said.“And we could create that comfortable and realistic moment together. I can say certainly that I felt ‘we did it right,’ while working on this series. Ahn is the type of actor who has many ideas and tries to capture realistic aspects. He is delicate. Even the 슬롯사이트 same lines felt different when he delivered them.”


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