“Referees are discouraged, it’s a strike just by looking at it…”If you try it” ABS, KBO League Edition “Reform” seen by Hanwha’s 41-year-old legend

The two most different seasons of the KBO League 2024 season from this season are Peach Clock and ABS. Peach Clock was introduced by the Major League this season, which caused a great stir. However, the KBO League is the first ABS system in the world. Starting next year, the referee wears an earphone, listens to ABS and shouts “strike” or “ball.”

As specified in the KBO baseball rules, it is expected that accurate and consistent decisions will continue. The fatigue of ball judgment is great for both referees and teams. It seems that there will be no more things to blush with ball judgment in the KBO League.

Kim Tae-kyun, a Hanwha Eagles legend and a commentator on KBSN Sports, shared opinions on current Major League scouts and ABS through his YouTube channel Kim Tae-kyun [TK52] on the 28th. Kim acknowledged the necessity of introducing the system, but also expressed caution. 무료 슬롯

In the early days of this season, adjustment and side effects will likely become more noticeable. “Let’s say a high ball fell. It was a ball because it went in from a high place. However, it could fall after entering the strike zone, resulting in a strike decision,” Kim said.

According to the actual baseball rules, if a pitch passes through the strike zone, it is a strike wherever it flows. Of course, batters will be confused, and pitchers with good command will actively target this part.

“Pitchers have different trajectories of breaking balls. The curve has fallen from the strike zone to the ground. But it’s a strike through the zone. If it’s a strike when a batter can’t hit a ball, a pitcher would appreciate it.” Still, he said, “If a batter adjusts to the early part of the season, batters can overcome it.”

Major League scouts predict that if ABS is positioned, it will become a pitcher and a batter. If a batter declares a strike on a ball that he cannot hit, his hand will reach for the ball that falls further down.” Then, Kim strongly agreed. “If a ball that you think is a ball, you will reach for a ball that enters the ball even further,” Kim said. “Batters are right to be at a disadvantage. The analysis will also analyze only the strike zone.”

Will the era of framing be over once ABS is established? Opinions are divided on this issue at the scene. “After all, only catchers who are good at batting use the bat,” Kim Tae-kyun said. Furthermore, he said, “The era may come when baseball is beaten and beaten. The fun of baseball could be halved.”

The coach’s protest and bench-clearing are actually interesting things in baseball. Some people make an impression, but others consider it an element of joy. Kim Tae-kyun was concerned that such interesting elements would disappear with the introduction of the ABS. “Baseball can become a static sport,” he said.

Given that the Major League has not introduced the system yet, many predict that controversy over ABS will inevitably arise. Kim Tae-kyun said, “There will be another controversy eventually. The Major League is more than 100 years ahead of Korea in its history, and Pitchclock has fully verified and introduced the system. However, ABS has not yet introduced the system. That means not yet. We need to think about this, too.”

Nevertheless, Kim admitted the necessity of introducing an ABS, saying the referees seem to be daunted. “Referees are disciplined and demoted to the second division, but when I watch the broadcast, I can feel that the referees are definitely intimidated and daunted. It’s a strike, but if it’s ambiguous, I’ll stay put because I’m afraid I’ll be reprimanded. If you see this, you should try (ABS),” Kim said.

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