After Kim Min-jae left, Napoli, who ‘decomposed in the air’, even complained about the player…”I want to leave the team”. Shocking remarks

Sky Sports, a British media outlet, reported on the 30th (Korea Standard Time) that “Simeone helped Napoli win Serie A last season, but he wants to leave the team in the January transfer market. He recently asked for a transfer at a meeting with his team.”

It is said to be a popular item in the transfer market. “Simeone has been closely watched by many teams since the days of Elas Verona,” Sky Sports said. “Clubs from all over Europe, including the English Premier League, will be aiming for Simeone.”

During the 2022-2023 season, Napoli won the Scudetto (Serie A title) for the first time in 33 years. Kim Min-jae (27) is a key defender and made a brilliant contribution to Napoli’s victory. After the end of the season, he was named the best defender by the Italian Serie A secretariat and the best 11 players of the Italian Football Association (AIC). Kim moved to Bayern Munich and took on new challenges. 스포츠토토

Defending champion Napoli collapsed sharply after Kim Min-jae left. Rudy Garcia, 59, replacement of Coach Luciano Spalletti (currently Italy national team), has been dismissed for the first time in five months. He held the team responsible for its poor performance. Napoli, which maintained the dominant position in Serie A last season, is ranking seventh with eight wins, four draws, six losses and 28 points in 18 matches this season.

In the meantime, Simeone expressed his frustration due to lack of time to play. He is also a striker who is well known as the son of Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone. “Simeone scored 11 goals (nine goals and two assists) during the previous season. He competed with Victor Osimhen, 24, and played as a backup,” Sky Sports said. “He didn’t get many chances this season. He started only four matches.”

“Simeone scored a goal in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) match against Real Madrid,” Sky Sports said. “Last season, Simeone scored one offensive point per 68 minutes.” According to media outlets, Simeone and Napoli have more than two years to sign. However, Simeone has run out of patience. It is time to find another club.

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